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Car Power Bank Jump Starter - High Power

Car Power Bank Jump Starter - High Power



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You need never be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery ever again when you have this in the boot. The Car Power Bank Jump Starter kit is ridiculously easy to use - simply hook the cables to your car battery, turn on the ignition and your car will come back to life.

However, this car power bank is more than just a battery. It’s the Swiss Army knife of batteries. Along with jumpstarting your car, you can use it to recharge your smartphone like lightning thanks to its multiple USB slots. It also has a built in LED torch, which will be a life saver if your car breaks down at night. If that wasn’t enough, this Car Power Bank can also flash an SOS distress signal to summon help.

So if you are ever unlucky enough to have a flat car battery in the dead of night, far away from home, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had a Car Power Bank Jump Starter kit in the boot to get you safely home.


  • Easy - Simply attach the power leads and turn on the ignition
  • Safe - Made from ABS Flame Retardant Material
  • Powerful - Pocket sized but with 68800mAh battery with 12V charge
  • Multiple USB Slots - Recharge your phone or tablet like lightning
  • LED Light - Doubles as a torch
  • SOS Light - Summon help when you need it most