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G-Sensor Car Dash Cam - 1080p Full HD With Night Vision

G-Sensor Car Dash Cam - 1080p Full HD With Night Vision



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Accidents happen on the road every day. The G-Sensor Car Dash Cam gives you the video proof you need of precisely what happened to protect yourself from legal claims.

Traffic accidents can be impossible to resolve when both sides deny responsibility and it’s your word against theirs. But video evidence is more powerful than any spoken testimony. And the G-Sensor Car Dash Cam gives you this evidence with 4 hours of continuous video in 1080P full HD day or night.


  • 1080p Full HD records road signs and number plates in precise detail
  • Full Night Vision - Stay safe even at night
  • G-Sensor Motion Detection - Instantly records video evidence of collisions even if the car is stationary
  • Up to 32GB - Stores 4 hours of journey and auto records over oldest chapter.
  • Anti-Shake - Records vital legal evidence without distortions.
  • 2.4 Inch LCD Resolution - Passengers can enjoy the view from the front of your car as you drive.
  • Multilingual - English, Russian, Italian, German, French and Polish
  • Includes - Car Charger, USB Cable, Mounting Bracket
  • 170 Degree High-Resolution Wide Angle Lens

Benefits of the G-Sensor Car Dash Cam

Peace Of Mind In Car Parks - G-Shock technology switches on the camera the moment there is a collision. If someone dents your car, dents it and then drives off, you have the evidence to bring them to justice.

Protect Against Crash Scams - Deliberate accidents to make bogus insurance claims are on the rise. Get irrefutable video evidence to protect yourself from legal claims.

Report Dangerous or Unsociable Drivers - Manually record other drivers who are speeding, tailgating or driving recklessly so you can report them to the authorities and help make our highways safer.

Diffuse Road Rage Incidents & Police Stops - Seeing the G-Sensor Dash Cam will help prevent physical threats and encourage police officers to correctly follow protocols when they realize they are being filmed.

Record Your Road Trip - Save priceless memories of driving down route 66, the canyons in Utah or the Florida Keys