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Fishing Lure Lead Soft Baits Tackle (17 PCS/SET)

Fishing Lure Lead Soft Baits Tackle (17 PCS/SET)



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If you want to catch a big fish you need the right bait. And in this huge 17 piece fishing lure lead and tackle set you have plenty to choose from for luring in trout, sea bass, carp and maybe even a shark.

All of the fishing lures in this set have been carefully designed to resemble real water life. This will naturally help to attract the attention of more fish and keep you busy reeling them in for inspection.

You also get a special tackle box included, ready to be carried to the boat or stored in your garage. So whether you go fishing once a month, at weekends or for a living, this set of bright, colorful fishing lures are the perfect bait for luring in the perfect catch.


  • Plenty of Choice - 17 fishing lure of 7 different types
  • Attract Lots More Fish - These fish lures will naturally help to attract  Asian Carp, Channa Argus, Rainbow Trout, Sea Bass, Siniperca Chuatsi and more.
  • Different Weights - Choose from small 3.3g fish lures up to 6.5g ones for a bigger catch
  • Environmentally-Friendly - Reusable and long lasting.
  • Packed In A Plastic Tackle Box - easy to store and transport