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Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard

Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard



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There’s nothing funny about a partner that snores. Sleepless nights can affect your memory, concentration and happiness during the day. If the snoring ruins your sleep night after night, it can also cause relationship problems or force you to sleep in separate rooms. Risking a sleeping pill addiction can make your problems even worse.

Thankfully, there’s no need to spend your nights frustrated with the Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard. This device helps to clear the airways to prevent both snoring and sleep apnea. The Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard is also comfortable to wear because of its ‘boil and bite’ technology that moulds to your mouth’s shape.

Wave goodbye to snoring problems and say hello to more nights of rejuvenating sleep with the Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard.

Benefits of The Snoring Mouth Guard

  • Effective - Eliminates snoring by opening the airway that gets blocked
  • Energy - Improved oxygen intake can improve energy
  • Enhanced Sleep - Promotes a deeper and more restful sleep
  • Customizable - Moulds to your mouth shape for maximum comfort
  • Simple - Pop it in your mouth, lie back and drift to sleep unimpeded
  • Hygienic - Washable plastic case included for taking your Advanced Stop Snoring Mouth Guard on holiday or business trips
  • Happier Partner - More sleep means both of you can enjoy a good night’s rest
  • Treats Sleep Apnea - By opening the airway it also prevents breathing problems from sleep apnea