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Decorative Fairy LED Light Strings

Decorative Fairy LED Light Strings



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According to the National Fire Protection Association, hundreds of house fires are caused every year by Christmas tree lights. You can avoid your Christmas going up in smoke by investing in a set of delightful Decorative Fairy LED Light Strings.

They can be stretched for up to 20 meters along your mantel piece, on your Christmas tree or be used outdoors to give your house festive cheer. The lightweight cable use attractive clear plastic and are available in 8 color choices or multicolored.

The Decorative Fairy LED Light Strings also use energy saving technology so they are cheap to switch on and they always stay at a cool temperature. This means they don’t pose a fire risk, unlike traditional bulbs that can easily overheat and even start a house fire.

Features & Benefits

  • Festive - Place around your Christmas tree, living room or on the outside of your house to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home
  • Colorful - Choose from 8 different colors or multicolored
  • Safe - Low voltage LED technology means there is no risk of overheating or causing a house fire
  • Long - Up to 20 meters in length