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Dunkin Buddy

Dunkin Buddy



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Have you ever been dunking your cookies in milk, only to have it break, fall apart, or get lost into the milky abyss? Have you ever had to fill your glass of milk to the very top, ultimately making a mess in order to dunk a cookie? 

What if there was an easier, cleaner, more enjoyable way to enjoy dunking cookies in milk. Well the world is finally in luck, and based on the response so far, it couldn’t have come sooner! Two cookie dunking lovers, like so many others out there,took it upon themselves and created a cookie dunking device that does just that! 

Say hello to the “Dunking Buddy!” Whether you consider yourself to be a "Big-Time" cookie dunker or dipper, or just casually love to dunk cookies, the Dunking Buddy will be your cookies new best friend. Say Goodbye to the old way of Dunking Cookies, and say Hello to the easier, cleaner, and much more enjoyable way, with the Dunking Buddy! 

Kids from ages 4 and up can enjoy learning about science while eating cookies dunked in milk. Has learning about science ever tasted this good? Regardless of the answer, it does now! At a young age, kids can practice hand eye coordination, while also learning how magnetic attraction works in a safe and delicious manner. Whether you decide to call it a cookie holder or a cookie dunker, your Dunking Buddy is sure to make each and every time you dunk cookies in milk an easier, cleaner, and happier experience