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Hair Loss Concealing Powder (27.5g)

Hair Loss Concealing Powder (27.5g)



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Losing your hair can affect your self confidence, sense of attractiveness and make you feel like you’re losing your youth. Normally your only options are dangerous drugs, expensive hair implants or an embarrassing comb over. Well, now you can hide an embarrassing bald patch or thinning hair in seconds with this incredible Hair Styling Powder - Concealer Hair Loss.

The way it works is that it contains a natural hair replacement called ‘Keratin’ that temporarily bond with your existing hair to make it look thicker and fuller. It’s very easy to apply too. Simply apply to dry hair and within 30 seconds a new layer of natural looking hair will appear.

It is completely undetectable and won’t cause any runs, smears or stains. You can even wear the hair styling powder in the wind, rain and even play sports and your hair will maintain its natural thick looking appearance. In fact, your family and friends will be convinced that you’ve had a hair transplant or miraculously grown new hair as it looks so natural.


  • Fast - Almost instantly adds a layer or natural looking hair.
  • Unisex - Works for both men and women’s hair
  • Easy - Simply apply to dry hair and it will temporarily bond with your existing hair
  • Effective - Gives a natural appearance of having more hair
  • Safe - Unlike chemical hair thickening shampoos, this is made from an organic, non-allergenic material that is made from Keratin which is the same material in real hair
  • Saves Money - A fraction of the cost of a hair transplant
  • No Side Effects - This is the natural and safe alternative to other types of hair replacement therapy
  • Multiple Colors - Choose from auburn, black, blond and seven other natural hair colors.