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iOS Flash Drive For iPhone & iPad - Up To 128 GB

iOS Flash Drive For iPhone & iPad - Up To 128 GB



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The iOS Flash Drive for iPhone & iPad is a remarkably fast and effective way of boosting your device’s memory by up to 128 GB. With this in your pocket, you need never worry about running out of memory for storing apps, holiday photos and precious videos ever again.

The iOS Drive also doubles as a powerful data backup and storage device. Thanks to its lightning fast technology, you can back up files in seconds and then transfer them to your Mac via its USB plug. You can also use the iOS Flash Drive to carry your work files or movie collection everywhere you go, making it perfect for road trips and for traveling light on business.


Carry It Everywhere - The iOS Flash Drive is small enough to carry in your pocket, wallet or purse, with an incredibly vast storage capacity for such a small device.

Lightning Fast - Its advanced connectors enable lightning fast data transfer, so you can backup thousands of music, photos and videos in seconds.

Take Your Movie Library With You -  It supports all popular video formats so you can take your video library with you on the road and play them from the drive on your iPad or iPhone.

Massive Memory - The iOS Flash Drive is available in memory sizes up to a huge 128GB, giving abundant storage for backing up old memories and recording new ones.

Stylish - It also makes a fashion statement with its hardwearing, yet sleek build and premium colors, including Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Black.

Safeguard Precious Memories - Storing your priceless photos and videos on the iOS Flash Drive for iPhone & iPad gives you a physical backup in the event of your iPhone being lost, stolen or hacked.

Share Files With Your Mac -  The iOS Drive can be switched to a USB 3.0 connector for transferring files to your PC or to share them with a friend.



Compatible With: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPads

Memory: 16 GB - 128 GB

Colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Black